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The Rat Race

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Last years KOTI champs, no one takes KOTI as seriously as these dudes do. Claiming 3rd place this year, the N-DUB crew has put in a killer entry the last 5 years. No matter what place they come in they always have one of the best put together edits.

Ollie Around KOTI 2017 N-Dub's Finest from Julien Strasfeld on Vimeo.

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KOTI 2017: Budget Racing

Official Score: 133 Points

Props to these KOTI rookies for being the only rookies to submit a video this year. Coming in hot with the best four wheel wheelie, the second fastest speed hunters at 47.9kmph and the most innovative pizza burger eating technique "the liquor ball"

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Full Coverage

The latest and greatest CB skate flick, Full Coverage. Filmed & released in 2016 by Kenzie Williamson & Harry Doyle. Featuring Ryan MacArthur, Kenzie Williamson, Dylan Hawco, Mitch McFadgen and company.

Full Coverage from cblocals on Vimeo.

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#TBT Scenery 3

The third and final instalment in the Scenery series. A new generation of local skaters and a few cameos from original Scenery legends. HD footage mixed in with a some classic VX1K gold, Scenery 3 is one of the best videos our skate scene has ever produced.


Scenery 3 from cblocals on Vimeo.

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