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KOTI 2016 Results

1st: N-Dub, 643 Official Score

ndubs finest - ollie around koti 2016 from Julien Strasfeld on Vimeo.

2nd: Genuine, 605 Official Score

3rd: Party Boys, 596 Official Score

4th: Super Duper Skaters, 589 Official Score

5th: Team Jacob, 361 Official Score

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KOTI 2016

King of the Island 2016 will take place Canada Day weekend:

June 30th - July 4th 

Online Registration for KOTI 2016 is now live

This years KOTI is going to follow suit with our snowboard version, King of the Hill, that took place this winter. We did a more condensed "Challenge List" as opposed to the old "Challenge Books". This is to make the video editing process easier on the filmers. Just like KOTH, if we end in a tie we will have online voting for the best video.

This year it is free to register a team. Mark the dates, start to put your team together.
(MAX team size of 9, MIN team size of 3)

Check out some of the videos from last years KOTI & the winning video from King of the Hill:



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