#TBT Scenery

Cape Breton has a very rich history of producing local skateboard videos for over 15 years now. We likely have the highest skate video per capita ratio in the country! So over the next few weeks we are going to celebrate those videos and share some of our favourites with you every Thursday for our #TBT blog post.

It seems only fitting that we start out this new feature with the god father of all local skate videos in Cape Breton, Scenery. Produced in 2002 by Harry Doyle of Cblocals and inspiring over a decade of locals to get out there and skate, film and edit all year for a late fall early winter release of their footage. This is the one that started them all here in the Cape.

Thanks Harry,

scenery from cblocals on Vimeo.

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Emerica Wino G6

The latest and greatest from Emerica, the Wino G6. A souped up version of one of their most popular "chill seekers" models. Backed by Jeremy Leabres & Jon Dickson, there is more than meets the eye with this shoe. Sometimes less is more.

So what makes this shoe any different from the original wino? From the bottom up this shoe has all kinds of skate durability built in. The Wino g6 features a double wrap vulc sole. This type of sole offers the best board feel and being double wrapped it adds an extra later of rubber around the ollie area. The double wrap adds a bit of weight to the shoe compared to other Emerica models but it is worth it if your looking to extend the life of your shoe. Sitting on top of that double wrap vulc sole is a g6 insole. Most quality skate shoes are coming with high end insoles now and once you get a taste of them there is no going back. Last but not least is the new Heel Anchor system, designed to give some extra comfort and heel hold to an otherwise very stripped down shoe. No need to worry about heel spurs and the shoe slipping off thanks to this addition. 

If your a fan of Emerica shoes this is one of their best models in the line right now for skating. If your a fan of shoes like the Vans Chima & Era, we think you would like this Wino g6 even more!

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#cbphotoofthewinter17 Submissions

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Photo of the Winter Contest

Now that another winter has come and gone its time to reminisce what a wild ride this winter was. If you have some photos or videos from this past winter doing ANYTHING winter related, head on over to Instagram and check out this contest.

We will select our favourite photos and videos submitted and draw random winners, who will each receive a $50 gift card from OA

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Yawgoons 19

We love the Yawgoons videos, especially this latest master piece and take a sneak peak at the Capita Snowboards line up for 2018.

YAWGOONS 19 from Dr.B on Vimeo.

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