#TBT KOTI 2016

This weeks TBT feature is last years King of the Island champs, "Ndubs Finest".

Online regisration for this years KOTI challenge is now live here

Dates this year are June 21st - June 26th, don't miss out on the best skateboard contest of the summer!

ndubs finest - ollie around koti 2016 from Julien Strasfeld on Vimeo.

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Full Coverage

The latest and greatest CB skate flick, Full Coverage. Filmed & released in 2016 by Kenzie Williamson & Harry Doyle. Featuring Ryan MacArthur, Kenzie Williamson, Dylan Hawco, Mitch McFadgen and company.

Full Coverage from cblocals on Vimeo.

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#TBT Scenery 3

The third and final instalment in the Scenery series. A new generation of local skaters and a few cameos from original Scenery legends. HD footage mixed in with a some classic VX1K gold, Scenery 3 is one of the best videos our skate scene has ever produced.


Scenery 3 from cblocals on Vimeo.

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#TBT Gulfin'

Gulfin, a cult classic of Cape Breton skate video history. Featuring and produced by Shane Wilkie and a crew of almost all Northsiders. 7 minutes and 24 seconds of raw street skating, enjoy.

Gulfin' from shane wilkie on Vimeo.

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#TBT Coastal

Skipping ahead a few years in local Cape Breton skate video history.. Coastal was released in 2010 after 3 years of filming. Filmed almost entirely with VX1Ks, Costal was a collaboration between Ryan Boutilier and Ryan Mansfield featuring the shop skate team at the time, staff & the hommies. Inspired by Scenery but more like its kid brother, a little rougher on the edges and a little immature..

Now available for the first time in its entirety online, Enjoy!

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